QSO Tournament Studio 1.0.74
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Q: How to download demo-version of program;
A: Demo-version of program will send on request rv3yr@mail.ru or icq: 118778954

Q: The panel of a desktop of the program has disappeared. How to restore an arrangement of panels;
A: Panels of a desktop of the program suppose any arrangement, the turning, an emerging mode and popups that allows will adjust their arrangement and appearance how to conveniently user. The arrangement and the size of panels remain in the system register. To restore an initial arrangement and the size of panels of the main form of the program it is possible having removed a key in the Windows system registry:


For key removal it is necessary to close the program and to take advantage of RegistryEditor
or to start file from archive: ClearDockManagerLayout.zip

Q: How automatically move members files to test categories of a tournament tree;
A: Yes, it is possible. Use action: Categorize files...

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