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Create UBN.

   Double click by the mouse on a member file in a competition tree will open it on separate editor tab.

   Probably to open a file not being in competition - the menu "File" - "Open...". In the appeared dialogue to choose the necessary type of a file and to specify it in file system of the computer.

   Tab "UBN" (the hot key "F8") contains result of processing of a file content from tab "File" and the short list of errors. Represents the ready text for an UBN-file which, if necessary, can be corrected in this window before preservation. To save it in a file it is possible a command to "Save" (Ctrl+S) the main menu or the panel of tools.

   UBN contains only diagnostics of errors. To save text in a file use command "Save" (Ctrl+S) the main menu or the tool bar.

   Full report of processing member file represent in Protocol.

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