QSO Tournament Studio 1.0.74
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Processing SWL-files.

  The program allows to process observers logs in a context of current competition.

   The node is intended for placing of reports of observers in a tournament tree "Observers".

   In node it is possible to create folders, to place files of observers, to carry out actions and to form reports completely to similarly basic competition.

  Requirements to observers files.
  Files of observers should be executed in a format of the basic competition (Cabrillo, Ermak, etc.). Both one- and bilateral supervision register in one line.

  Sample of double supervision:

  QSO: 3500 PH 2009-01-01 1011 AA1BB 59 005 BB2CC 59 025

  Sample of single supervision:

  QSO: 3500 PH 2009-01-01 1012 CC1DD 59 029 EE1FF
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