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Create missing file.

  Program allows to generate a file (for example CABRILLO) on the basis of files of other participants. This way to improve productivity by preliminary preparation of files in improper formats (including 'paper-based' logs).

   Open tournament.

   Click the right button of the mouse in a tournament tree. There will be a context menu in which it is necessary to choose "Action" - "Create missing file...".
   Enter participant callsign (the 'missing log' callsign) and click button 'Execute'.
   You can use 'Missing file candidate(s)' list for choosing a callsign. Click button '...' in the callsign text box. List creation will occupy some time.
   It is half-finished 'log' to which it is necessary to make changes, on the basis of an original participant file, including to transfer errors. The order of QSO-records in the generated file can differ from original because of possible divergences in reception time.

Generated log can be save to file, for editing and addition in tournament.
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